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12 September
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Biography... I was born in a little town in Texas, some of my relatives still live there. We moved around a lot because my dad is a pilot, and we eventually moved up to Memphis, TN, when I was almost 8. We only moved once more after that. I went to school at UT Knoxville because it was the only vet school in the state, and I wanted to be a vet at the time. I joined Wyrd during my first semester, after seeing a poster about the club. Shortly after that I was introduced to SI, though I had to wait for terribly long months before I ever got to play a game. :) NPCed my first game in November, and started Lia the following spring. Is it silly that I put in SI on an even footing with getting born and going to college? Met Adam because he was Kotas' roommate and went to SI with our caravan; we got married something like a year and a half later. Yay us! Four years down, working on five. (Wow, I haven't updated this in forever.) By the way, I have an almost three-year-old awesome boy now. :) And cats, and a house and a garden.

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